Yep, I Still Get Migraines

I realize that I have not written about my migraines much since I got the Botox treatment. It has now been two months since I got the injections. The first month was hellacious, truly. I had nearly daily migraines, with pain in my neck and shoulders to the point that anything other than perfectly upright or lying down was burdensome. Activities such as reading and eating were strenuous. So was bending over to give my children a kiss goodnight. By the end of December, I had run out of my abortive meds several days before the insurance company would authorize a renewal of the prescription. I could still buy the medication myself if I wanted to – that would just be one hella expensive migraine. Those were some rather tenuous days, particularly as my husband also was starting to feel ill.

January started out no brighter for me. It appeared I would run out before the end of the month much as I had in December. Even though I had plenty of pills at the time, just knowing that that was the eventual future I had to look forward to again was daunting. And then it simply didn’t happen. I went ELEVEN days without a migraine. They weren’t perfect days – much of it was me realizing that taking a pill didn’t change anything, I was just going to have low-grade headaches. I had forgotten those existed. For so long, anything that started out as a headache would eventually become a migraine, so I didn’t try to ignore them. I have started having days that are truly headache-free. And one of my recent migraines was due to taking my husband to the ER and sitting there until 3 a.m. – I’m not immortal. (my husband’s fine – or will be soon -, but that sure wasn’t fun)

So, I will soon go back to the neurologist and I will try Botox once again – with my fingers crossed mightily that it doesn’t have the severe consequences that I experienced in the first round. I have committed to this second round, but as much as I’m enjoying these migraine-reduced days, I most certainly can’t go through the pain and hell of those first 4-6 weeks again.

Here’s to process.


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5 responses to “Yep, I Still Get Migraines

  1. How often do you have to repeat the Botox?

  2. BTW, thrilled to hear you had 11 days without a migraine. Here’s to more migraine-free days!